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I've created this web page out of passion for 3D modeling and visualization, as well as for the architecture itself. Architecture is something that has always interested me. Throughout my studys, I was introduced with 3D modeling and visualizations that caught my eye at first glance. Therefore during my collage days, and after its completion, I continued to refine my skills in this area.

Maybe I'm still a beginner but I have a great love for 3D modeling and a great desire to further perfect my knowledge. For this reason I created this site to present to others my work and thus gain insight into my current work.


My name is Igor Hrelja. I have master degree in architecture. Most of my life I spent in Rijeka, where i currently live. There I finished high school for civil engineering, during which I won first place in the national championship of building mechanics.

After high school, I enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. During the six years of study, I participated in numerous architectural competitions. On one such, together with a group of colleagues, I won the first prize for the conceptual design of reconstruction of the  swiming pool in Železnik, Slovenia. After college I returned to my home town of Rijeka.

Architecture will always come first for me but I'm trying to experiment with all things visual. This way I want to gain a better understanding of proportion, composition, lighting and other things closely related to architecture. At the end of the day I will always come back to architecture and visualization becouse it is my true passion.